Yemen- HDI & GDP per capita comparisons

UNDP Human Development Index 2010

Yemen is lagging significantly in their Human Development Index value assessment. Their 2010 ranking of 133rd out of 169, places them in the Low Human Development category.

Yemen HDI Value: 0.439 (2010)

Arab World HDI Value: 0.590 (2010)

World HDI Value: 0.624

World Bank Statistics– Yemen GDP per capita (current US$) in comparison to MENA Region, Saudi Arabia & Oman

Yemen: $1,130.2 (2009)

MENA (all income levels): $5,727.6 (2009)

Saudi Arabia: $15,835.9 (2010)

Oman: $17,280.1 (2009)

Yemen’s GDP per capita (current US $) in comparison to the MENA region as well as their neighbor to the north, Saudi Arabia, and to the east, Oman, is well below the average. Comparing Yemen’s oil activities & population size with that of Saudi Arabia & Oman offers some insights into this disparity.

Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Oman are all highly dependent on oil exports yet their production levels differ greatly. For a quick perspective, Yemen produces only 3% of the oil that Saudi Arabia does per day, while the two countries have roughly the same population size. Regarding Oman, Yemen’s daily bbl is around 35% of Oman’s daily production. Though Oman does not produce nearly the same levels as Saudi Arabia and is actually far closer to Yemeni levels, both Yemen and SA individually have approximately 8 times  as many people as Oman. Approximately 70% of government revenues in Yemen result from petroleum exports and in 2009 oil rents accounted for 19.4 percent of GDP. Yemen does not have the oil wealth of its neighbors neither on a macro nor per capita basis yet relies on oil production in an unsustainable manner. This has prompted the Republic of Yemen to begin diversifying its economy in order to gradually become less dependent on petroleum revenues.

Regarding real GDP growth, 2010 realized a significant increase of 8% yet this can be almost entirely attributed to the completion of a liquefied natural gas terminal that has enabled Yemen to begin exporting the resource. Liquefied natural gas extraction and export is a vital component of Yemen’s economic reform efforts. 2011 projections have real GDP growth back around 2009 levels of 3.8%.

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