Saudi Women May be forced to cover Eyes, should they be too “Tempting” or “Sexy”

Sexy Eyes

In news unrelated to the Arab Spring movement directly, below is an article detailing how women in Saudi Arabia may now be forced to cover their eyes should they be too “tempting” for men to behold. Women in Saudi society already are required by law to be covered head to toe in a conservative, loose, black dress (also covering their hair) while in public. If they do not remain covered, they are subject to fines, or even lashings.While the rest of the region is liberalizing both poltically and socially, Saudi Arabia appears to becoming more and more conservative, especially with the naming of Crown Prince Nayef. The likelihood of an all out revolt or rebellion of any sort seems highly unlikely and would probably be met with an intense crackdown from Riyadh. With human rights violations common in the country, citizens may be afraid of what the consequences may be should they vocalize their dissent in any way.

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