Bomb Explodes Outside British Embassy in Bahrain as Relations Between the Countries Escalate

In the latest uptick in the heated relations between the British and the Iranians, a bomb exploded outside the British Embassy in Bahrain, causing limited damage.

Relations look increasingly strained between the UK and Iran. First, Iran was infuriated over the increased sanctions. Next, Iran retaliated by sending students to storm the British Embassy in Tehran. The UK removed its diplomats from Tehran and once they were all safely out of the country, they decided to expel Iran’s diplomats from the UK.

Finally, this weekend, a bomb exploded outside the British Embassy in Manama. Although it is not clear that Iran played any role, all fingers seem to point in that direction. The BICI report claims that Iran has no role in the protests in Bahrain. That, however, seems less and less likely with this latest escalation event.

Analysis: If the United States and Britain believe that the Iranian regime has a hand in these events in Bahrain, I think it is clear that the support for the Bahraini protestors will be even less than its current status.

Iran also claims to have shot down a U.S. stealth drone this weekend over their airspace. The United States alleges that this drone was over Afghani air space. Nonetheless, it is clear that this is another escalation with an increasingly isolated Iran.

The protests continue although at a smaller scale and arrests are still rampant across Bahrain even though they promised to make good on the wrongdoing found in the BICI report.

Bahraini protesters will suffer further if the tensions between the UK/US continue to escalate with Iran. In fact, it is my opinion that the Bahraini protests may end because of the growing tension and seeming spill over in Qatif, Saudi Arabia. As countries align themselves for escalation (along the lines of Saudi Arabia  v Iran) this could mean the end of the Bahraini protests.

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