Carnegie Endowment on Bahrain – Now What?

This report, printed a few days ago by the Carnegie Endowment, asks an important question. Now that the Bahrain Independent Comission of Inquiry (BICI) has written its report, what’s going to happen? What does it mean for Bahrain and what does it mean for the United States?

According to the author, the Bahraini regime obviously wants to go back to the days before  the protests began. The regime, however, has only used more force since this report was issued, even though the report itself documented “excessive force on behalf of the regime.” The report, however, lacks a mechanism for accountability and the regimes forces have not stopped imprisoning/killing protestors since the report was issued.

The report has only emboldened protestors, but as was noted in early reports, the geo-strategic challenges in the Gulf may that this revolution off its rails. The government has been able to position troops and police in the small towns that have been flash points for this uprising to quell any further disruptions. If the uprisings continue, it seems as if the regime will continue on their current path with impunity.

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