Bahrain and Gulf States React to Iranian Endeavors

In this Washington Post article, Saudi Arabia insists that it would attempt to compile its own nuclear arsenal if Iran obtained the weapon.

This is just the latest troubling statement in the Gulf regarding Iran’s role in the area. In the Kuwait and Bahrain, there is extreme anti-Iranian sentiment regarding Iran’s role in their inner politics and recent protests.The United States sold “bunker-buster” bombs that could be used to target Iran’s nuclear facilities. All these signals a new weaponry buildup (remember weapons to Bahrain were made conditional upon reform) in the Gulf similar to that seen during the Cold War.

Economically, Bahrain has ties with Iran that would be greatly hindered if Iran really was to jack its oil prices up to $250 a barrel. These are all things to consider while looking at Bahrain’s geo-strategic influence and what countries have this influence over Iran

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