Allegations Against Bahraini Regime

There have been a series of disturbing allegations against the Bahraini regime despite the lack of coverage in Western media. This conflict has escalated and the Bahraini ruling family, the Al-Khalifa’s, makes promises of reform but engages activities that are extremely disturbing. As was noted earlier, the U.S. sent a labor team to investigate charges of firings within the country and the U.S. has not shipped arms to Bahrain pending the BICI report. The following are some other allegations that we should be aware of.

Bahrain is accused of targeting doctors as they have information about regime atrocities.

Bahraini oil company fires 300 workers for role in protests.

King Hamad called for BICI report. The King accepted its results, but ignored the lack of evidence regarding Iran.

Bahrain puts medical staff and doctors on trial for its role in treating protestors.

Repression continued despite human rights investigation.

The opposition carefully joined talks with the government.

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