Former U.S. Journalist Aiding the Bahraini Regime in its Public Relations

This article is extremely interesting regarding the role of U.S. lobbyists and former journalists engaging with autocratic regimes around the world to help with “messaging”.

The article documents the actions of a Tom Squitieri, a former reporter for USA Today who was fired for plagiarism.  In several articles, he has documented alleged violence by Bahraini protesters Squitieri himself admits that he works for the Bahraini government on efforts in “media and press freedom”.

This seems to be a new type of lobbying. It doesn’t come from inside the Beltway, but instead Westerners will get paid to help the Bahraini regime craft its message in a way that is more acceptable. It is an interesting point to see how many Westerners, Squitieri and the men who are working with the police departments, have taken an active role in helping the Bahraini government work through post-protest changes.

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