A “Sunni Awakening” in Bahrain?

As my last post hinted, the economy is going to play a large factor in Bahrain in the future. As disenfranchised as Shia are in Bahrain, there is growing concern that a portion of Sunni youth are becoming angered at the regime’s assumption of their support. In “Religion and Politics in Bahrain“, this author believes that there may be a shift in Sunni support for the regime.

I do not necessarily agree with the authors perspective here. From my analysis, the regime has stoked religious tensions and has laid enough blame on Iran to significantly polarize this conflict. In my estimation, there will be low level, simmering protests without much compromise by the Bahraini regime. I believe that the author in the above post agrees with me on this fact. There are not enough actual Sunni Bahrainis to provide critical mass to this protest movement in my estimation.


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