Some Updates on Bahrain

There are some disturbing allegations against the regime that have been noted before. Perhaps the scariest are the allegations of targeting doctors, because they have proof of the atrocities committed by the regime and have spoken to the international media. See the article below for more information. If this is true, it is a serious breech of human rights and medical ethics.

Doctors are targeted in Bahrain after protests.

For a little bit of history background, I found this article. Bahrain was once the site to get the world’s most expensive pearls, but the market has been driven down and Bahrain does not do much pearling anymore. However, Bahrain is trying to get some of these pearling areas turned into UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Bahrain looks to declare its pearling fields a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Here are some updates on the credit crisis in Bahrain that has been going on since 2009. The credit crisis here has the potential to be worse than those we saw in Iceland and elsewhere. Compounded with the regional instability, this may be the next country to watch  in terms of financial collapse.

Bahrain’s credit crisis started in 2009. The protests have had a detrimental effect on the the credit rating as of late. This credit crisis could prove to be worse than the any other banking sector crisis we’ve seen thus far.Finally, the regime crackdown continues even though there are several prolific journalists inside the country. Nick Kristof is in Bahrain and he provides a sobering account of regime violence.

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