Saudi Arabia proposes a new Anti-Terrorism Law

A proposed anti- terrorism law in Saudi Arabia is causing quite a stir in the international community. The new law would basically allow the Saudi government to detain security suspects indefinitely and without trail. Amnesty International accuses the law of a way for the royal family and the security forces to silence dissent. The law includes a deliberately vague definition of terrorism ranging from “destabilizing to society” to “harming the reputation of the state.”

Because Saudi Arabia is governed by Shar’ia law, there is no formal written criminal code. This allows for security forces a lot of leeway in terms of interpreting the law. Saudi Arabia has a long history of human rights abuses and has been subject to much criticism for this in the international community.

In the wake of the recent unrest unfolding in the area, the Interior Minister was quoted as to say he would take “all necessary measures” against those seeking to “disrupt order”.

Below is a link to the Amnesty International news article:

Amnesty International 2011 report on Saudi Arabia:


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